Rechargeable Battery Packs

Rechargeable Battery Packs

They are battery packs containing AA batteries and come in many different amounts

How do they work?

Like any other battery pack, you will typically choose AA types to fit any device compatible with AA batteries.

Different types of AA rechargeable battery packs:

• NiMH – These types of batteries last very long and are considered environmentally friendly. They have a greatly reduced drain rate in high demanding devices, making them very popular. The capacity of the battery has twice the standard of NiCD. The NiMH battery can be charged at any time, this will not affect the batteries life.

• NiCd – Another type of rechargeable battery, the NiCd uses nickel oxide hydroxide as its electrodes to produce its rechargeable nature. They are simple and fast-charging batteries. They work in a range of temperatures even very low ones. Very affordable and cost-effective.

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7.2V NiCd AA Rechargeable Battery Pack, 800mAh

7.2V NiCd AA Rechargeable Battery Pack, 800mAh

Saft 7.2V NiCd AA Rechargeable Replacement Battery Pack, 800mAhBatteries for point of sale terminals..

R460.00 Ex Tax: R460.00

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