What is the best 18650 battery?

This is a subjective question and it depends on what your needs and usage are.

Some batteries last very long, but they can’t handle high discharging rates. Some batteries don’t get too hot even at 40A, but they need to be recharged frequently. Based on these trade-offs, we created our own list of recommended 18650 batteries for your reference.

Instead of directly getting to our list, let's start with understanding the two most important battery qualities when picking the vape batteries: Capacity and Current rating. Capacity for 18650 batteries is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). It determines how long you can vape before you need a recharge.

The higher the capacity, the longer vape time you will generally get. Current rating is measured by the continuous discharge rating (CDR), also called the MCD (maximum continuous discharge), or MCC (maximum continuous current rating). The higher the CDR, the higher the wattage power you will be able to safely draw from the battery without overheating.

Unfortunately, you can have a high current rated battery or a high capacity battery, but not both. The key is to pick a battery that has just a high enough current rating to not overheat for the way you vape.

That way you’re not sacrificing capacity for a current rating you’ll never really use. If you know the resistance of the coil you vape on, you can estimate the current rating you'll need based on the ohm's law. That would be a good start for you to find your own list of "best" batteries.

For safety reasons, we recommend only the Big 3 manufacturers: Samsung, Sony, and LG. Their ratings are accurate and you’ll know what you’re getting.

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