What is the maximum capacity of a 18650 battery?

Since the size of the 18650 battery is fixed, "18" represents the diameter, "65" represents the height, and "0" represents the cylindrical shape.

How much mAh of 18650 lithium battery capacity can be achieved is still a problem worthy of discussion. Therefore, it has been concerned by many practitioners. In recent years, the technology of various manufacturers in China has been improved, and continuous experimental research and development.

The capacity has also been slowly improved. The laboratory has been able to make 18650 batteries with a capacity of more than 3500mAh, but the stability consistency is not good, and the mass production trend cannot be formed for the time being.

If someone says that there are 3500, 4000mAh that is deceptive, you can see the price. Now the large-capacity 18650 lithium battery that is bought in bulk on the market is 2950mAh. The battery of this capacity is also called 3000mAh. At present, the capacity range of the 2200mAh-2600mAh battery is relatively stable, and the technical aspects are relatively mature.

If it is a battery pack, it is best not to use a battery with a very high capacity. Whether it is cost-effective or the life of the battery pack after grouping, it is a very uneconomical solution. Therefore, the higher the battery capacity, the more unstable it is.

The battery pack needs to be customized according to different product use in different working environments and fields. If the product belongs to medium and high grade, the battery can choose large brands to import batteries such as: Sanyo, Panasonic, etc.

There are also many small-scale battery manufacturing plants in China. The battery produced may have some imaginary standards. If it is too sensitive to the price, you can choose a domestic regular manufacturer such as BYD's 1800mah-2600mAh capacity battery.

Most applications have different current and time requirements, so most of the power supply batteries are presented in battery packs. The battery pack should be considered for consistency, stability, safety, and each set of batteries.

In each of the batteries, the values must be matched in all aspects, such as the same voltage, the same internal resistance, and the same capacity. These indicators are very important.

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