DIY 18650 Populated Battery Module 1PCS 001

DIY 18650 Populated Battery Module 1X

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DIY 18650 Populated Battery Module
This includes the hardware to make a 7 x 18650 cell battery pack 24v +- 100wh (7s1p).

Includes 1 battery module and ribbon cable to connect them, also the brass standoffs and one xt60 connector that must soldered if you choose to use it.

PCB Boards are populated but they requires Some Assembly.

Contents: Battery Module PCB
  • 1x Printed Circuit Boards
  • 1x 4cell 18650 holders
  • 1x 3cell 18650 holders
  • 1x 5A SMD fuses
  • 1x IDC Socket connector
  • 1x IDC Ribbon connector
  • 1x Ribbon cable
  • 1x XT60 connector
  • 4x M4 Lug PCB Terminal
  • 4x M4x 25mm standoffs