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2000 mAh Sub C NiCd Battery (Paper Wrapped)

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  • Size: Sub-C
  • Capacity: 2000 mAh
  • Chemistry: Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
  • Flat on Both Ends
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Sleeve Type: Paper Wrapped
  • Included Qty: 1

  • Reliable service life
  • Long-Lasting Performance
  • Good For High Discharge
  • Recharges up to 500 Cycles

Ideal for the following applications:
  • Rebuilding RC Battery Packs
  • Airsoft Battery Packs
  • Cordless drills
  • Electric boats
  • Much More

  • Length: 43 mm
  • Diameter: 22 mm

Note: These batteries are NOT meant to replace standard C Alkaline button top batteries. These are smaller in size.

NiCad Information:

NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) batteries are 1.2 Volt rechargeable batteries and are perfect for low drain applications (that is to say, devices that are not power-hungry).

NiCd chemistry offers approximately 500 charge cycles, (life cycles or charge times) which makes them a worthwhile and popular alternative to less expensive, (although non rechargeable), Alkaline batteries.

They are in fact, direct replacements for Alkaline batteries of the same size.

As NiCd batteries are rechargeable batteries, something important to keep in mind when choosing any size NiCd, is that this type of chemistry is susceptible to experiencing what is known as the “memory effect”. Memory effect (also known as battery memory) happens when a NiCd battery is not fully drained of power before being recharged. If it’s recharged prior to a depleted power state, (prior to being “dead”), the recharging process only “tops off” whatever power is missing and this then, becomes the new, total capacity of the battery. You will be able to have approximately 500 FULL charge cycles on a NiCd battery, if you recharge it only when it is completely empty.

To be sure of if there is any power remaining in your NiCd batteries before you recharge them, it’s best to own a Battery Tester. This inexpensive and handy gadget will prove to be invaluable to you, in determining when your batteries are truly depleted. In this way, you will not subject your NiCd’s to memory effect and will benefit from the full power of each life cycle that the manufacturer intended. And if this is your first time shopping for NiCd batteries, let us point you to a good quality Battery Charger.

What better ways than that to protect your NiCd battery investment than with the use of a battery tester and a quality charger?

Another point to be aware of is that Nickel Cadmium batteries have a low self-discharge rate, which is good as this means that while the batteries are idle on the shelf, (not in use), they will discharge much more slowly.